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News and interviews

Official Launch of Nemesis CyberOne

London based Nemesis Asset Management LLP is announcing the launch of Nemesis Cyber One an actively managed certificate focused exclusively on cyber security companies. This project is the result of a partnership and advisory agreement between Nemesis Asset Management and Mr. Ivascu CEO of Modex.
June 28, 2021



The Future Is Now: Mihai Ivascu of Modex On How Their Technological Innovation Will Shake Up The Tech Scene

As a part of our series about cutting edge technological breakthroughs I had the pleasure of interviewing Mihai Ivascu, CEO & Co-Founder of Modex. Mihai is a serial social impact and technology entrepreneur, CEO, and Founder of London-based tech group M3 Holdings which comprises 3 fast-growing companies: Moneymailme, a Neo-Banking technology infrastructure provider…


Modex Achieves Microsoft 'Co-Sell Ready' Partner Status

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / March 16, 2021 / Modex, the leading Blockchain Database provider, has earned the Microsoft ‘Co-Sell Ready’ status, which enables the company to access new markets with an expanded portfolio of solutions and drive innovation by creating custom solutions with Microsoft and partner-to-partner opportunities.This top-tier partner status allows Modex to enter a select community with special access to co-sell resources and the worldwide Microsoft sales team, marking an important breakthrough for a company focused...

Business Review

First glasses that aid the mobility of the blind created by .lumen – a Romanian startup

“.lumen is a Romanian startup which showed a swift development. The company’s goals are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations. We are positioned as the only integrated solution for the mobility of the blind. It is important to realize that an increase in mobility results in better education, better employment, and better social life for the blind” – Mihai Ivaşcu, Chairman of the Board .lumen, CEO & Founder M3 Holdings: Moneymailme, M3 Payments and Modex.


Innovation & Ingenuity In Blockchain Development

This age of technological development and rapid advancement we now find ourselves in has paved the way for truly inspiring leaders and visionaries to step forward and make a name for themselves. One such individual is Mihai Ivascu, serial social impact and technology entrepreneur and CEO of tech group M3 Holdings. CEO Monthly (CEOM) is proud to name Mr. Ivascu as our CEO of the Year 2020 for the United Kingdom, and we had the great pleasure of talking with him to learn more about his innovative work and exceptional leadership skills.

CIO Bulletin

Modex: Quantifiable Trust technology for Enterprises

Technology offers great promise in this digital age. One of the major innovators in this space is London-based Modex which was established in 2017 by tech entrepreneur Mihai Ivascu. Modex develops cutting-edge solutions that make blockchain technology affordable, fast, and easy to adopt at the enterprise level. The company innovates thanks to its incredible team of experts and offers software solutions for the entire data management ecosystem.

Distilled Post

Modex: Healthcare’s New Blockchain Hero

Distilled Post sits with Modex’s Mihai Ivascu, to discuss blockchain’s promise to safeguard the future of healthcare. Healthcare has long had an issue with navigating complex data networks. However – thanks to the rise of blockchain technology, the challenge of managing impenetrable data chains and intermediaries is no longer unsurpassable. In the past, blockchain was nominally aligned with the finance, banking and cryptocurrency sectors. However, healthcare executives now see its increasing use potential for decentralising…

EIN Presswire

Jonathan Ogurchak and Mihai Ivascu Discuss Knowledge, Then and Now, with Fotis Georgiadis

Jonathan Ogurchak, CEO and Co-Founder of STACK. Mihai Ivascu, CEO, and Founder of London-based tech group M3 Holdings. If you live your life with integrity, your reputation will speak for itself. Once you lose your integrity, you lose yourself and your ability to maintain meaningful relationships.”— Jonathan Ogurchak, CEO and Co-Founder of STACKGREENWICH, CT, USA, January 20, 2021 / — Fotis Georgiadis, owner of the blog by his namesake, is a branding and image consultant specialist with a robust background and is a visionary interviewer.

Forbes Business Heroes

Forbes Business Heroes 2020 – Mihai Ivașcu

Mihai Ivașcu este un tânăr antreprenor care a fondat M3 Holdings. Grupul include trei companii de tehnologie: Moneymailme, M3 Payments, platformă de gestiune a schimburilor valutare și a plăților, și Modex, dezvoltator de tehnologii blockchain. Antreprenorul a lansat în toamna anului trecut platforma Modex Blockchain Database. Modex, cu peste 60 de programatori, designeri și specialiști de business, are sediul la Londra și birouri în București, Monte Carlo și Gibraltar.


Un start-up românesc fondat de doi alumni “Forbes 30 sub 30” a creat primii ochelari din lume pentru mobilitatea nevăzătorilor

.lumen vine cu o soluţie tehnologică scalabilă şi cu disponibilitate crescută care reproduce principalele caracteristici ale unui câine ghid, folosind tehnologii avansate de inteligență artificială și robotică într-o pereche de ochelari. Varianta industrială a produsului urmează să fie lansată în perioada imediat următoare. Planul .lumen urmăreşte o integrare completă a componentelor sistemului la nivelul de pre-producție, până la sfârșitul primului trimestru al anului 2021. Ulterior, producția și distribuția vor începe în a doua jumătate a anului 2021.

GlobalTech Outlook

Modex: Delivering Cutting-Edge Technology to Transform Enterprises Digitally

As a software development company specialized in delivering cutting-edge solutions that make blockchain technology affordable, Modex is offering a new level of trust and cyber protection for the all-important data and storage mechanisms that define an enterprise engaged in the digital society.
Speaking of blockchain, the transition to a new tech infrastructure involves a wide range of procedures and processes that need to be followed to ensure a smooth data migration without endangering information records. Modex’s hybrid remote data…


Modex: Digital security technology for Enterprises

Modex is a data security company that specializes in delivering cutting-edge solutions to make blockchain technology affordable, fast, and easy to adopt for companies in need of a zero trust infrastructure, data protection, and an extra layer of security. Thanks to its team of experts, the tech company constantly innovates and offers software solutions for the data management ecosystem. Over the past few years, the digitalization process and the need for a new kind of data protection infrastructure capable of securing…

Piata Financiara

Ne așteptăm la o creștere exponențială a tehnologiilor de securizare a datelor

Creată în 2017, compania globală Modex, cu fondatori români și sediul central în capitala Marii Britanii, are în prezent peste 80 de angajați și birouri la Londra, București,Gibraltar și SUA, în Silicon Valley. Fondurile atrase de companie până la începutul anului 2020 au fost de 15 mil.USD, iar veniturile pentru acest an sunt estimate la 9 mil.USD. În prezent, Modex are în derulare o rundă de investiții de 50 milioane dolari, condusă
de Rothschild. Anul trecut, a lansat produsul Modex BCDB, bazat pe tehnologia blockchain…

2020 la Modex: compania care dezvoltă din București viitorul în blockchain pentru siguranța datelor

Modex este una dintre principalele companii la nivel mondial care se ocupă cu dezvoltarea tehnologiilor de tip blockchain utile pentru baze de date și securizarea tehnologiilor. Compania pornită în România a avut un an 2020 de creștere, cu 60% mai mulți angajați. Am discutat cu Mihai Ivașcu, CEO al companiei, pentru a vedea planurile pentru 2021. Modex este o firmă care dezvoltă soluții blockchain ce pot fi implementate în domenii diverse, pentru securizarea bazelor de date. Soluțiile patentate ale Modex au fost folosite deja…

The CEO Views

Modex: Redefining the Potential of Blockchain

In this ever-changing landscape where adaptability and the ability to pursue innovation are mandatory if you want to remain relevant in the market, Modex has brought in a revolutionary disruption with its blockchain-based solution. Blockchain technology already has a decade under its belt, but it is still considered relatively new compared to other existing technologies. Though a large segment of the business and enterprise sphere manifests palpable interest regarding the potential of blockchain, the problem is that…

UK Tech News

Modex poised for further growth in 2021, with more innovative tech products and services

2020 has been a year unlike any other, with the entire world turned upside down by the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges – many of them unforeseen – Modex continued its growth, strengthened its market presence and expanded the team in accordance with the company’s development plan. Modex’s growth will also continue in 2021, with more innovative products and services due to be launched next year. At the end of 2019, Modex vowed to continue to develop its flagship product – Modex Blockchain Database (BCDB) – in the coming year so that it…


Modex va susține un curs de blockchain în parteneriat cu Universitatea Politehnică din București

Modex și Universitatea Politehnica din București, Facultatea de Automatică și Calculatoare, au încheiat un parteneriat de colaborare în domeniul cercetării științifice și educației. În urma acestui parteneriat academic, Modex va contribui, din toamna acestui an, la dezvoltarea unui curs de blockchain în programul de master “Managementul și protecția informației” (MPI) la Facultatea de Automatică și Calculatoare. Curricula de blockchain va fi inclusă în cursul „Protecția informației în e-sisteme” și va fi dezvoltată cu ajutorul lui Alin Iftemi, director și cofondator Modex.

Ziarul Financiar

ZF IT Generation. Mihai Ivaşcu, cofondator şi CEO Modex, dezvoltator tehnologii blockchain: Suntem pe punctul de a finaliza o rundă de investiţii de 50 milioane dolari...

Anul trecut, compania a înregistrat venituri de aproape 5 milioane dolari, iar pentru 2020 ţinta este de a ajunge la o cifră de afaceri de 9 milioane dolari.