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Serial entrepreneur who started his own web design company at the age of 18. Later, it became a software company which now offers innovative tech products and services making an impact on the global scale. CEO and Founder of M3 Holdings, a London-based technology group comprising three fast-growing companies: Moneymailme, a Neo-Banking technology infrastructure provider; M3 Payments – FX management and global payments platform; Modex – Blockchain Database and SaaS technology provider.

Cyber and data protection expertise, extensive knowledge in applied enterprise blockchain tech. Founder of Ingenium Group, the technology infrastructure and logistics provider for M3 Holdings, which employs over 100 blockchain developers, cybersecurity experts and FinTech specialists in various offices around the world: London, Bucharest, Silicon Valley and Washington DC. Backed by a team of professionals, Mihai’s drive to deliver innovation after innovation for the greater good of the community has been unwavering.

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Experienced speaker & entrepreneurship mentor and a member of Monaco Impact, Mihai is the winner of numerous awards, including “EY Emerging Entrepreneur Of The Year In Technology”, CEO Monthly’s “CEO of the Year 2020 in UK”, and “Forbes 30 Under 30”. With an MBA in Innovation Management and key-positions held in various tech startups and Advisory Boards, Mihai has graduated from several executive training programs from Harvard, MIT, Stanford University, and Silicon Valley Innovation Center.

In his role as CEO and Founder of M3 Holdings, Mihai had a defining role in developing software, platforms, and applications that display game-changing innovation for multiple industries. Passionate about motorsports, martial arts and chess, Mihai has always been focused on tech applied in social impact projects which range from financial inclusion, charity, and shared value initiatives.



  • Forbes 30 Under 30
  • Forbes 100 Heroes
  • Ey Tech Entrepeneur of the Year
  • Aspen technology Fellow
  • Outstanding Alumni Award INSEEC MBA
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Modex radically simplifies blockchain deployment so businesses don’t have to choose between security and innovation. Modex BCDB is a hybrid remote data storage system composed from a blockchain component which ensures data immutability, data integrity, data traceability, distribution and decentralization and a traditional database component which ensure big data storage and quick data access required by enterprise software solutions.

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Moneymailme is an innovative chatting app that combines the social interaction with the joy of sending and receiving available e-money from your mobile phone in what has been termed “social money”, fast and secure. From sending money back to your friend who paid earlier for your coffee at the University, to contributing with your office colleagues to buying a gift for your boss, Moneymailme facilitates micro-payments, file sharing and chatting at the same time, allowing you to make a really enjoyable social experience out of payments.



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M3 Payments simplifies the way you send money abroad with low fees, using competitive real-time exchange rates and Currency Cloud”s global payment network. Pay international invoices in 35 currencies, 24 hours, direct to bank account, price transparency, no fees and full currency management from one account.

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Executive Chairman

Founded as a research startup with the mission of empowering the blind, .lumen builds glasses which help the blind live a better life.

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Ingenium Blockchain Technologies


Ingenium Blockchain Technologies gathered a team of blockchain experts, developers, consultants and a network of partners that can roll out any bespoke solution for their customers. We are offering complete blockchain solutions straight from the experts.

Ingenium Media Monaco


Ingenium Media was founded in 2008 with the aim to offer professional New Media services for our clients. From creating brand books, official clips and special events, copywriting and press release, Ingenium Media Agency is different through the relation with clients, in order to create for them a professional and unique image on the market.

Ingenium Software Solutions


With a highly trained team of experts, Ingenium Software Solutions does its best to ensure information technology improves our clients’ business results. ISS manages to do that by looking at IT issues strategically, in the broader context of our clients’ business activity.

Nemesis CyberOne


Nemesis CyberOne is an independent fully regulated asset management company based in Monaco, London and Lugano covering all aspects related to wealth and estate planning.

Ulpia Ventures

Investment Partner

Constantly keeping an eye on tomorrow, Ulpia Ventures welcomes first time entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs, high performing students, award-winning teams and products, members of the Academic environment.

Aeronews Global

Co Founder

Bringing you the latest aviation news, insights related to airlines, airports, airshows and Space, trip reports, exclusive photos and videos.